TSA PreCheck requirements

While waiting in long queues at airports is not easy, getting a TSA Precheck certainly is. The TSA Online Application form takes not more than 5 minutes to be filled and submitted. However, the TSA Precheck Online Form requires you to submit accurate data and give required documents mandatorily.

Basic Information required in the TSA Online Application

  • Your gender, full name, eye, and hair color as well as your birth information will be filled in the form
  • Your citizenship, address, and criminal record will also be asked in the form.
  • The form will also require you to fill in your preferred location for an interview with the TSA office.

Documents required for TSA Online Application

  • TSA Precheck Online Form requires documents like a valid photo ID like an Unexpired driver’s license or a photo ID card issued by the federal government or by a State.
  • Additionally, it also requires a document that meets citizenship requirements, for example, a U.S. Birth Certificate or a U.S. Certificate of Citizenship or naturalization. The documents provided must be an original or certified copy. Moreover, your eligibility will be confirmed only if the names in all documents match.

Once you submit the TSA Online Application form to us, our experts will scrutinize your document word for word and ensure zero errors in the TSA Online application form. After submission, you will also receive emails about the updates in the process.

How to sign up for TSA Precheck?

Hoping to get TSA precheck smoothly for yourself or your employees? Well, you can do the same in 3 easy steps.
  • Fill out a TSA Online Application form by entering basic information about yourself and submitting mentioned documents. Your form will be thoroughly checked by our expert team to ensure that the TSA office approves it.
  • Attend an interview with the TSA office. After submitting your TSA online application form you will have an interview for your background check with the TSA office. After the interview, the background check is done by the government and it may take 2 to 6 weeks.
  • Avail of the benefits of having a TSA precheck. You will receive an email confirming that your TSA precheck application has been approved. You can now enjoy a seamless traveling experience with your TSA precheck.
  • Renewal after 5 years of use. After your TSA Online Application form is approved, you can avail of restriction-free travel for 5 years, after which you will have to get your TSA precheck renewed if you wish to extend it.

Apply online for TSA Precheck

Filling out TSA application forms can be tiresome especially when you do not receive approvals because of the discrepancies in the forms. The TSA office thoroughly checks the documents and the applicant’s criminal background, if any.

We have expertise and experience in getting maximum TSA Online application forms submitted and approved. Our online services are one of a kind, as we respect the data privacy of our customers while also ensuring that they can get their work done instantly within the comforts of their own homes. Our expert and dedicated team is committed to giving you 24*7 service and is readily available for Queries and doubts regarding the process of TSA Online application forms! Leave your TSA Online Application to us, and get your TSA today!

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